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Cleartone EL Monster Heavy Series 12-60

Cleartone Drop C# 012-060 elgitar strenger

Designed specifically for alternative tunings such as Drop D, Drop C and Drop C#, 
Cleartone DT sets feature heavier gauge strings for that extra tension you need. 
At one micron thin, the EMP Treatment is then applied to all 6 strings to ensure 
longest tonal life without compromises.

Everyone knows that coated strings last longer, and uncoated strings sound better. 
There is a Tone compromise and up until now, you had to accept it.

Thanks to Cleartone Strings, you no longer have that compromise. Cleartone 
Treated Strings feature a protective film called EMP – Enhanced Molecular Protection. 
This treatment helps prolong tonal life without sacrificing feel or sound. At one micron 
thin, it is up to one thousand times thinner than coated strings. In fact, EMP treated 
strings last as long or longer than other string brands on the market, but feel and 
sound like an uncoated set. This gives you exactly what you always wanted - killer 
Tone with an incredible lifespan. Let’s face it, changing strings is annoying, but 
throwing on a virtually dead set to begin with is much worse. Also, unlike coated 
strings, the EMP treatment works equally with both acoustic and electric strings. 
EMP bonds to the molecules in the metal so during hard strumming it doesn’t feel 
slippery and never flakes off. Cleartone Strings feel and sound like a regular set, 
but designed to last 3-5 times longer. Nothing else lasts as long and sounds as good. 
Cleartone is the next evolution in guitar strings.